Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Zoo.

Sigh. If I ever ask y'all if I should get one of these adorable Corgi puppies, please, please, please remind me that they are as much work as a very small child and never really grow out of it. Right now, sweet little Alistair is curled at my feet and mercifully quiet. I never really thought of us having a lot of animals at our house, but in regular attendance here is one 75 lb cattle dog/german shepard mutt (my dog), one crazy calico (my husband's cat), 7 or 8 fish, 4 chickens, and now on loan: one darling 8 month old Corgi puppy. He's even cuter than that picture there!

And this morning, it felt like an actual zoo, trying to get everyone fed.

The cat wanted to be let in at 5 am, something I usually would have slept thru, but for the puppy barking at her thru the sliding glass door. Funny, right?

So we've been up and at 'em since way earlier than I even knew it was light out.

So the puppy is on a raw food diet, which I'm supposed to enforce as a not-just-the-cat's-food diet. It also seemed like a good idea to keep the big dog away from the raw chicken the puppy had for breakfast (am I the only one who thinks that's gross?). So I juggled them all. Pretty successfully, I might add, getting the puppy in the backyard to eat his raw chicken while the cat was inside getting a bite to eat (portioned out to the amount I thought she could finish off on her own before the puppy came back in!) and the big dog was eating/inhaling his normal kibble while the 2 yr old was working on a fruit smoothie.

Yep, call me wonder woman! ;)
Because, did I mention the mister is away?
And he has the camera, so no pics for another day or two while we get all his photos downloaded.


Jessica said...

AK! You got a puppy! LOVE the name, too cute and perfect for a Corgi! Congrats on your newest addition!

Sally Hess said...

Actually, to clarify, he's my brother's puppy. Very cute! And this morning was MUCH easier, though still started MUCH TOO EARLY!

Jessica said...

Haha, oops, must have missed that part! Well...congrats on the loaner! ha!

knitxx0r said...

What ever happened to no-pets-Sal!? Nice to hear you are getting some entertainment from it, though... even if only in hindsight! So, are there all kinds of crazy pet-patterns in the sewing world, like there are in the knitting world? Or is it just knitters who are crazy enough to force their handwork upon the innocent?