Thursday, October 22, 2009


Did I scare you?

This is a wall hanging that I made for Halloween. It was a panel that I quilted and then did the "potholder" technique, so as to skip binding it. If you click on the photo you will get a bigger version and you can look more closely at the picture that shows the back. Because the panel had a nice black edge, I was able to sew along the line and from the front, it looks like I bound it!

I used my BSR and free-motion quilted parts of it, and with the feed-dogs dropped, I outlined around the eyes and some other fun details.

I've been having issues with my binding lately that I'm not really happy with it when I do it entirely by machine. Yet when I attempt to hand finish it, I get all caught up in perfectionism and it takes FOREVER to finish. I needed this done by say, Halloween. Of this year.

Perhaps my handsewing and/or perfectionist attitude will improve upon taking Ms. Alecia Paulson's ornament class over at bolt! I am so excited to be taking a class! It's been a long time since I've gotten to play student. And with my mom in the class, we're sure to have a riot of a good time!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day

In honor of all that supports sustainability and protection of the environment, I am proud to throw in my two cents about climate change on Blog Action Day.

There is a lot of talk in our house about our carbon footprint. Often I think my husband has gone too far and he has earned the sarcastic nickname "MisterCarbonFootprint". But I really do appreciate the awareness that he often brings, about how to do things in a way that is more gentle to the earth.

If you haven't done it lately, you can calculate your own carbon footprint at The Nature Conservancy's website: