Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is it Christmas yet?

I am one of those people for whom it is never too early for the stores to start stocking Christmas goodies. I love the anticipation, the decoration, the parties. All of it! This year I'll have a bit more decoration at my own house. And on my own self.

These projects were all started at the Sisters Gig. The table runner still needs to be quilted and bound. The back of it has red and green chili peppers for when we either need a bit less wild of a table runner or have already spilled candle wax on that side. The pillow in the center still needs to be stuffed.

And the apron is miraculously finished! Ready to wear! Now I just need my kitchen remodel to get wrapped up so I can start cooking! For the past six weeks we've been without our kitchen and bathroom. It's been nuts! But we're getting close! Next week the floor coverings and countertops go in, then it's just plumbing and putting the finishing touches on everything! Can you tell from all those exclamation points just how excited I am about the whole thing?!

It was a year ago (November 15th) that we discovered the water damage that started this whole remodel/repair. And we'd only lived in the house two weeks when it happened. So when this is all done, it will finally feel like we've moved in!

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studio wellspring said...

congrats on almost being finished with your remodel ~ can't wait to see photos!
i'm with you on the holiday buzz ~ i've got the christmas fever bad this year. this weekend i'll be buying all the supplies for making card & ornaments. i'm so excited!