Thursday, April 24, 2008

MORE Cute Skirts!

This just in!

We've added two sessions of the Cute Skirts class to the schedule at bolt!

Classes will be held TUESDAYS, 7pm-9pm on May 20th/27th and June 10th/17th. So you can sign up for class in May or you can sign up for class in June. Or you could sign up for both, but that would be a little selfish, don't you think? If you were previously on the waiting list for the class that starts this Sunday, you get first dibs at the new classes. Which is why I say to ALWAYS get on the waiting list!!!

And since the frantic whirl of newly added classes does cause some people to sign up now and cancel later, I still really recommend GETTING ON THE WAITING LIST if you can't get the class you want!

See you in class!
Now you don't have an excuse!


j said...

some days i just ACHE for these posts to apply to me.

Marisa said...

Skirts sound fun and easy to make, but at this point I would be making quite the little expandable one for my baby belly that seems to expand on an hourly basis.
Congrats on your little bundle as well, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and can talk your DH into bending down for all those awesome veggies you're going to grow!!
-Quilt Otaku