Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's your favorite?

It's getting to be time to write up the class list for July and August! What classes do you want to see offered? We're thinking about another bag class or two, maybe a t-shirt class, and of course, more cute skirts!!!

Are there other things that you'd like to see? More challenging? More gifty? More garments? More bags?

Let me know!!!

I'll teach through about mid-August and then will take a break to birth this baby! I think I'll be back to teaching by the end of the year - hopefully in time to whip up some holiday gifts!


Anna said...

What about the new Amy Butler birdie sling? Super cute. otherwise, more garments that are more challenging would be great, i.e. a step up from cute skirts.

teardrop said...

I agree with anna, or a cute little reverseable coin purse? Cannot seem to find any good tutorials on them ;)