Monday, March 23, 2009

Photo Challenge


And After.
I can't see a huge improvement. I think I need to reread the directions...
To play along with the learning-to-use-one's-camera-properly-for-blog-worthy-photos, go to Quilt Otaku.
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knitxx0r said...

A laudable topic; bad pictures can ruin a blog. And living in a low-light country 1/2 the year, I feel the pain! Two of my favorite craft-blog photographers:

enjoy, be inspired!

nancy said...

Yeah, I feel your pain. Crappy camera + zero knowledge + relying on Picassa = less than artistic blog photos.

Have you read Orangette ( She does some cool stuff with her pics.

Now off to check out your link....

Liz Deck said...

I think the photo on the bottom is more interesting. The color in both are similar.