Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Technical Sewing

I was recently honored to be involved in the wedding of two of my dear friends. I've known the groom for more than 20 years and I've known the bride for over 7 years. They are such a perfect match! And being in their wedding was wonderful.

Slightly less wonderful was the bridesmaid dress. Chosen by bridesmaids who are, shall we say, more endowed than I, it was a challenge to fit. A challenge made much worse by me accidentally ordering way too big of a dress.

I ended up taking it to a wonderful alterations place in downtown Portland (picture me parallel parking the minivan and hauling the baby + stroller into the tiny store). It was so worth it! She brought the dress down to a very managable size and from there I was able to fine tune it even further.

It was my first experience sewing with boning and it wasn't nearly as hard as I originally thought. But holy cow, very time consuming! Between taking out the boning, re-sewing the boning, and trimming all the excess seam allowance, I spent a lot of time getting the dress to fit. But it eventually did!

And look! I even got my hair all done! It was so much fun getting all gussied up!

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Anonymous said...

What is it with boning and weddings. I made an outfit for my BIL's wedding and the top was boned, blah. (the real bummer - it took longer for me to get the boning correct than for the bride to stick around.)

Liza the blogless