Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Remodel Mayhem

In the midst of this crazy remodel, I managed to crank through a whole load of sewing! I got a baby blanket started AND finished (sorry no photo, it's a gift not yet given. To a baby, not yet born...). And I got some small Christmas gifts finished. Yes, the F-word. I haven't used it much around here lately, as I've gotten very good at starting, and not so good at finishing things. And I got a darling coat cut out for my little one. Photo of that soon.

But I'm sticking my head in here to say that there are two spots open for the upcoming Apron Class at Bolt. You will have your choice of a very cute and feminine apron with a bib OR a waist apron. There have been some amazing apron patterns coming out, and we've grabbed TWO of them to play with!

The apron could be made to be worn at the holidays, so you look super cute in the kitchen OR it would make a fantastic gift - one size fits most!

Happy sewing and I hope to see you in class!

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