Friday, February 22, 2008

7 little things about me

I was tagged way back when by sweet Anjie of studio wellspring and for various reasons (none of them very good), I haven't gotten around to writing up my list of the 7 interesting/unique/unknown things about me. I've thought long and hard and can't come up with much that folks don't know about me, so forgive me if you learned this all the first time we ever met...

1. The first time I sewed, I was three and it was in my grandma's sewing room. I have fond memories of that space, and it was the first that I knew of women having an actual room of their own. At the time, my mom had only a back porch that housed all her sewing. I am extremely lucky to get to have a wonderful sewing room of my own now!
2. Said sewing room is a current disaster area. I don't think anything has been produced in the sewing room since before the holidays. But somehow it is the dumping ground for all that has no other space in our house. We could really use some extra storage around here!
3. In college, I traveled a LOT. In '97-98 I lived in Germany and visited Austria, Switzerland, France (for an afternoon layover), Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Hungary. If I missed one in there, my long time friend and travel partner, Katy will hopefully remind me. What makes this a little interesting is that my most recent trip to Hawaii totally terrified me. I didn't know where to park at the airport or really how to take the shuttle into the terminal. I was mystified by security (what the heck that they don't allow WATER?!), and more than a little afraid of the logistics and details of boarding the plane and staying relaxed during take-off.
4. On my first ever date with my husband, I knew I would marry him. Six months after that date we moved in together. Six months after that we were engaged. Six months after that we bought our first house. Six months after that we got married. It took us another year to get a dog, and another year after that to have our son.
5. My husband brought a cat to our relationship that I have always hated. We have a deal that for as many years as I live with her (we're up to 6 1/2 now), I get to decide the cat-status of our household. Just to spite me, I think she'll probably live to be 22. Ironically, our son LOVES her.
6. I love my sleep. One of my (many) issues with the cat is the regularity with which she wakes us up in the middle of the night.
7. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. This contributes greatly to #6. :) So far the pregnancy has gone pretty well, I haven't been too terribly ill, except when I try to brush my teeth. So if I have bad breath, I'm really sorry! But my toothbrush makes me have dry heaves. It's really inconvenient!

So if you haven't ever done one of these, I hereby tag you!


Katy said...

Don't forget the 2000 trip! Arcos de la Frontera, Ronda, Morocco! Miss those days... don't miss the round-abouts!

studio wellspring said...

hi sally! thanks for sharing your fun facts & congrats on your pregnancy! you must be so relieve dto be thru the 1st trimester. seems there must be somethin' in the water as buns-in-the-oven is quite contagious these days. ;o)