Thursday, May 24, 2007

Works in progress

Potential dress for wedding festivities in July.
I'm still wishing on that Prairie Girl dress from Favorite Things. But it so did NOT fit right. And looking at the pattern again, it never would.
Wishing I knew more about pattern drafting.
Changing rounded neckline to V-neck is no problem.
Changing the rest of it? Questionable.

Darling boys shirt pattern I found at Poppy & Ivy on Alberta St.
Sadly, in size 10-12.
That is approximately 8 sizes too large.
Once again, wishing I knew a bit more about pattern drafting.

Progress on outfit numero uno for the wedding festivities.
This is the New Look skirt for which I just got the pattern last week (or so).
Of course, I didn't have as much fabric as the pattern required.
Luckily I didn't want that long of a skirt.
Also luckily, I know enough about modifying the fullness of a skirt to make it fit on the amount of fabric I did have!
The fabric shows thru a bit more than I like, so I think I'll tuck in a little lining/slip/petticoat before I finalize that yoke.

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