Saturday, December 26, 2009

More of the jacket

edited to say:
I wrote a review of the jacket for the
bolt neighborhood blog and you can find it here.

I heard that the class is already full, but please, put your name on the wait list, you NEVER KNOW what might happen!

So, I cut off all my hair!

And I got some pictures in my new jacket!
The double-breasted-ness of it makes it look a little odd when the top button is unbuttoned. I think I like it better with the collar up.

Here I am showing off the inside pocket that I added.
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cee + kell said...!!!!!

Anna said...

DRAT!!! I just got the Bolt email list and tried to sign up for this class, but it's full already!!! AHHH!!!!!

Alicia P. said...

SO LOVING THE HAIRCUT ON YOU! And the jacket is darling, too, but the haircut -- awesome.