Friday, March 26, 2010

That shirt on your back...

...did you make it yourself?
Well you CAN!

We've opened YET ANOTHER t-shirt class!!!

This is getting wild folks!

You can join the fun on Tuesday nights, April 6th and 13th,
7pm-9pm at Modern Domestic!

For those of you who want to make the Knit Dress

or the Camisole and Panties,
you need to have made a t-shirt first.

Call Modern Domestic at 503-808-9910 to sign up, or go to their website and you can sign up online!


knitxx0r said...

I knit my sweater, does that count? Hey how about some live-action modeling? You could set up your timer on your camera and take some nice pictures of you modeling (under your awesome grape arbor for example). But make sure you share all of the shots where you are half-out of the picture running after the little ones trying to keep them out of the chicken run or whatever :)

Sally Hess said...

Yes Katy, your sweater does count. Because if we gave you small enough needles, you could probably knit the whole t-shirt... :)