Thursday, April 12, 2007

Am I a Prairie Girl?

So this is what I tried to make out of some fabric I had on hand. Really, what I was thinking when I bought 3 yards of hot pink and purple madras is anyone's guess. But what I was thinking when I made this dress is that I probably would need to do some alterations and this fabric was the perfect thing to hack up.

Generally, I like independent pattern companies. They do an awesome job of bringing cuteness to the masses in a way that Butterick and Simplicity just never can. And for the times that you want something super simple, Vogue just never is.

So I gave it a whirl. Diligently took all my measurements, and dutifully cut out "my size". Not too long ago I made the Cute Skirt pattern by those lovely folks at Favorite Things, and I was not surprised to be making the same size. That skirt fits perfectly. Not too big, not too tight.

The dress? Another story altogether. Now, at 5' 6" and a size 12 (by their standards), I don't think I'm a strange body shape. Oh, do they ever beg to differ... The dress needs an inch taken up in the shoulders, for the shoulder to be "pinched", a dart at the bust, an inch off the bodice front, and for the ties to be moved up about three inches. This is sad. And I was so hoping that this would be the dress I could wear to my brother's wedding in July.

Mostly I was hoping that this would be the pattern for me, so that I could justify going to the sale this weekend at bolt. There are some super cute cottons that would be perfect for this dress!

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