Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baby Shower Goodness

My mom is in AZ with Gram and Gramps and Aunt Sue, so I was the lone family member at Cousin Melissa's baby shower -- I guess that doesn't really make sense, seeing as Melissa is my cousin. But you get it, right? Anyhow, I made a little pink knitted hat, and my mom made a cute little fleece blankie, and I sewed a bit of the vintage stash (from my great-great-grandmother's five and dime store) into a gift bag.

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Melissa's Baby Shower

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Katy said...

I am in love with the polka dot fabric! You mentioned your great(great? great?) grandmother's five-and-dime stash before. I would love to see a post with pics of some of the vintage goodies!

I loved the little baby hat, too, and wanted to let you know that I see the hat you knit for Ruby on a daily basis: it is now employed as a dolly hat here.