Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gift that keeps blooming

We were set to visit a dear friend in the hospital yesterday, but didn't want to go empty handed. We'd heard that she already had "too many" flowers in her room, and is on a controlled diet, so food treats weren't an option. Due to her injuries, we didn't want to take her anything to manipulate, just something pretty. And bright. And cheery.

I have been playing around with my stack of solids for some time, trying to figure out a good motif that could be either repeated or enlarged to fill a throw blanket size. A few days ago, Cecily and I spotted a pattern of "French Roses" while shopping, and she wisely purchased said pattern.

Alas, I had fewer than three hours to whip up this little project, so I drew the flower freehand, used a little Wonder Under to fuse the flower and leaves on (swearing a little since I originally meant the leaves to go UNDER the flower and forgot until it was too late), and appliquéd the flower and leaves on with a (mostly) straight stitch. It was all going well with the thread matching until I got to the leaves! How do I not own leaf green?! Luckily my ancestors came to the rescue yet again and I found some in my stash of inherited serger thread! I was able to finish the back to make a pillow cover out of it, and presto: pillow completed before naptime was over!

Because of our friend's injuries, we didn't want to give her an elaborately wrapped gift, so I just tied some rick-rack around it. My husband said we should tuck my business card in, and I was tickled that the card matched so perfectly!

It's the little things, right?


Cecily said...

oh my holy hannah, sal! it's SO perfect! (or should I say (SEW Sally!) ...and for the record, i like the leaves where they are...cheers to happy accidents!!!

Sally Hess said...

I'm also happy with where the leaves ended up!

Liz said...

Spring is here!! This is Beautiful!
Sew appropriate for your friend.