Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who needs a new house?!

3135 N. Farragut St. Portland 97217
This beautiful North Portland home of ours is on the market and looking for a wonderful family to move in! Click the photo to view the details! We moved to Hillsboro to be closer to my husband's job, and if we could have moved the house we would have -- it's that great!

Imagine: four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, PLUS an office (sewing room anyone?!) PLUS a bonus/family room in a super spacious 3000 square feet! In addition to gorgeous hardwood floors, a new big kitchen, and the charm of the original 1928 built-ins. The backyard is fully fenced, the detached garage is in excellent shape, the roof was new in 2004! The house is amazing!


studio wellspring said...

jenni ~ wanna move to portlandia???

Marisa said...

Don't tempt me to move to Portland! Bay area real estate is still so painful. Well, I love your blog, and have to comment on your solids. Most people I know really HATE solids, and stay away from them at all costs. I use them all the time and collect them like mad. Nice going on that.

Katy said...

Well, to throw my 2 cents in the tip jar: this house is totally awesome! Bright and open, beautiful wood floors -- Sally, you forgot to mention that your sewing room has an incredible woody perfume from whatever they made the floors out of. And the basement is *huge*. We would consider aquiring it, except it'd be a long commute to my husband's job in Oslo :)!