Monday, June 11, 2007

10 things I love

1. My son
2. My son spending the weekend at Grammie's house to allow the following:
3. A date WEEKEND with my husband.
4. Eating at a fancy restaurant on Friday night and chewing ALL my food.
5. Sewing all day Saturday with Cecily, making her one Cute Skirt (totally forgot to get a photo)!
6. Staying up late on Saturday night at a friend's birthday party.
7. Sewing more on Sunday, working on a tester pattern for Pink Chalk Studio.
8. Eating at a super fancy restaurant on Sunday night that is so not child-friendly. Not in a naughty way. In a chopsticks meet raw fish way. The best restaurant in all of Hillsboro, hands down. Syun. Once again, getting to truly enjoy every little morsel. Realizing I am sorely out of practice with chopsticks.
9. Sewing more on Sunday night, getting a pair of pants done for the little boy. He just outgrew everything he owns. I swear it happened overnight.
10. Having a morning "off" before picking up the little man from Grammie.

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j said...

you deserve it!