Sunday, June 03, 2007

Little boy shirt: FINISHED

The "fancy" shirt is finally done! And you can see by his grin that he's as happy about it as I am! The buttons are little red trains, which are a little tricky to actually button, but look pretty cute! I think all together, the shirt took me about 10 hours to make. Which is just shy of ridiculous. And since it's a little tight getting over his head, I'm not sure if I'll make it again.

And the irony of pretending my fusible interfacing was sew-in interfacing?... Oh me oh my. Since I was using the shapes of the old pattern, it made perfect sense to use their directions as well. And for the most part, the directions were much more clear than modern patterns, which helped, since the concept of the shirt was so different from a regular button down. It was all going well until the facing on the collar (which tucks under and around and actually gets sewn in with the sleeve). I didn't have any sew-in interfacing on hand, so used my fusible interfacing and it worked great. Until I was supposed to iron it. In the end it worked so well that when I had to redo the whole collar because it was too small, I still used the fusible. But I got quite the chuckle out of the whole thing.

My recommendation: just buy a pattern. In the right size.


Martha said...

could he be any cuter!?

Sally Hess said...

I should have mentioned that we were at a party when I got this photo, and he had just devoured a LOT of watermelon, which is all over the front of his shirt!

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