Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Skals Handarbejdsskole

Is it too late for me to study abroad? My friend Katy would say no, it's not too late.
If that's the case, I've found my next dream study abroad project:
Skals Handarbejdsskole in Denmark. It's a boarding school devoted to textiles and handwork. For real. Students of all ages are welcome, most students are between 19 and 35. (So I'm still "young enough"!)

There are three core classes:

Garment making

These are the other classes they offer:

Bookbinding – Calligraphy – Dress form making – Fashion drawing – Hand-knitting – Machine embroidery – Handmade paper - IT Photoshop – Straw binding – Birch bark work – Wicker

Then they have Project Week where they focus on a theme. "During Easter we have worked with willow, birch bark, wire weaving, paper and plaster under the theme ‘containers’. In this way we experience different methods and techniques of working with the hands, and at the same time broaden the notions of the textile."

Yes, please, I'd like to sign up for all of that please.

I've toyed with the idea of going back to school ever since I graduated from Willamette U back in '99. Back then I thought I wanted to teach higher ed, maybe even be a professor. The idea is still so enchanting and romantic. What I have now is similar in that my students are super motivated and really want to learn what I teach. And I love that.

Then for a while I thought maybe midwifery or nursing school. Having a baby jolted me to the reality that I would need on-call child care, like a live-in nanny. Not for me.

And so the fantasy of continuing education keeps percolating.


knitxx0r said...

No! It's not too late! It's never too late! Can't the Mister take a year off? Woudln't he just love to knock around Denmark with the Little Mister, taking it easy? And I sure wouldn't mind having you within 500 miles.

Seriously, though, what's life for?

Jenn said...

Wooooow. Every one of those classes sounds awesome and the building is beautiful! Sign me up! :)

I did have the opportunity to take some drawn threadwork, embroidery and smocking classes at a smocking convention a couple of years ago and it was heavenly. Oh, to actually dedicate school time to that!

Jude said...

Can I come with you? That looks terrific.

studio wellspring said...

i agree it's never too late - especially for such a wonderful opportunity as studying abroad in that setting with those classes. maybe they offer day care & you could bring your whole family with you? maybe i could go with and babysit when you're in class? see, there are options for making your dreams more than percolation fodder. ;o)