Friday, June 22, 2007

(Un)Finished Friday

Wedding attire continues (for my brother's wedding next month). We have the rehearsal dinner, the everyone's-in-town dinner the night before the wedding, and then the actual wedding. That's THREE things to look moderately cute for. I know, I know, it's not about me. But still, there will be many photos taken.

So I have the green button down. Still to be added: flutter sleeves (think Prairie Girl dress) and buttons down the front. Both of these cards are from the most recent stash that came down the pike to me. I'm leaning toward the ones on the left. Neither match perfectly, and the ones on the right have holes that show, thus are sportier looking.

Boy Shirt #2. Still needs the other sleeve and some buttons. I haven't checked the stash for boy buttons. We'll see what I come up with.

And the final project of the week: straps for the wedding dress! In case my brother's reading, these are just to augment the pink sequins, poofy sleeves, and 12 foot train. (For everyone else, the dress will have these cute little straps and not the other stuff!)

I'm leaning toward the one on the far left. It's the skinniest, and has cording in it, which gives the strap some nice shape and dimension. But it's up to the bride to choose. Now that I've mastered a) polyester on the bias and b) corded straps, we're all good. No matter what she chooses.


knitxx0r said...

Green buttons on the left, definitely. :)

j said...

c is getting married!? such great news!

also, left buttons are my vote, too. i'd also lurve them if they were pearly white, too.