Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A little snippet of me

These pictures are two corners of my sewing studio. I love how the one above is a little out of focus, and that you have to use a bit of imagination to figure out what each item is. It seems that's how most of the projects are these days as well.
This picture (above) also shows off one of my new corner shelves that my husband put up last week for me. They are helping me cope with the loads and loads and loads of goodies that were handed down to me last week by my mom and Gram. This corner of the studio is still seriously under construction, but there are some gems I have to point out. First, the knitted doll. Could she be any cuter? My great Grandma made her and I just love her. All the way down to her as-yet-unfinished-seams that need the yarn ends woven in. I got her around my 10th birthday I think. I remember the room I had, so it might have been a little earlier. This doll was the last one she knit before she died, when I was in 7th grade. She has a little teacup next to her, in case she needs a little cuppa. Or if she needs something more serious, there's always the cigar box (full of empty vintage thread spools) or the bottle of wine (mailed to me from Portugal by a super sweet friend!)

Another noteworthy find in the stash from my mom: Friendship Dolls. Perhaps they've always been named that, but they coincided with the Friendship Bracelets of my youth and were equally loved. When Angry Chicken did rag dolls in her mailorder, I totally thought of these girls. And then, tucked in with the dolls I remembered, were the actual Raggedy Ann and Andy that my mom had made. All circa 1986 - the date I wrote on the bum of the girl in pink. Is time now moving so quickly that the things of my childhood are ALREADY back in fashion?!!! Please say I don't have to resume wearing those white Keds. I never kept them clean enough.


Jessica said...

I seem to remember drawing on my keds during that period. Hm. Love your cute corners adorable dollies and LOVE that the cigar box says "the cigar that breathes" too funny!

knitxx0r said...

Wow, looks great! You were always so organizey and decoratey. Does it count if I draw faces on the dust bunnies under my sewing table?

By the way, your friend who sent you that bottle of wine must love and miss you very much! ;)

j said...

sally, what a great idea to hang the things you'll use more often from a coat rack! i might have to steal that one for my craft room. inspiring to see yours!

Martha said...

I for one loved keds. the classic blue rectangle on the heel. So great.

with laces or without?

Felicia said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your creative space. I'm in the middle of trying to reorganize my disaster zone and your pictures were inspirational :)